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Choosing Suitable, Crowd-Pleasing Nibbles to Welcome Guests to Your Wedding Reception

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Wedding catering is a difficult business, with lots to think about and plan if you want to make sure everyone has a good time and doesn't go hungry. Most of this planning usually revolves around the main meal, whether it's a formal sit-down affair, a delicious buffet, or something in between. But there are a few other aspects of catering that shouldn't be forgotten.

After the wedding ceremony, when your guests arrive for the reception, there will normally be a bit of time where people are mingling and chatting before they sit down and await the meal. It's customary to serve some nibbles or canapes at this point so that people don't get too hungry.

Finding the right snacks to serve doesn't have to be difficult or particularly expensive. Save your complicated ideas for the main meal and make sure everyone is happy with these tips for welcome nibbles.

Cater for all diets – the easy way

If there are people with allergies or other dietary requirements attending your wedding, you should already be aware of them. Finding out in advance makes it easier to provide a meal that will be suitable.

With nibbles and canapes, however, it can make things a bit more complicated than they need to be. Instead of choosing lots of different items so everyone can have something, try and pick just a small selection that can be eaten by everyone. For example, vegetarian nibbles without any nuts are suitable for veggies and non-veggies, plus people with a nut allergy.

Avoid anything unusual

Keep it fairly simple and you'll please more people. Not everyone has an adventurous palate, so try to make things recognisable.

Avoid anything with odd or extreme flavours, like very spicy foods, unless you're sure everyone will be happy to eat it. If not, you'll need to choose more items so that everyone will be satisfied.

Make it easy to hold

This is no time for picking plates of food. Whether you're putting out a table for people to help themselves or having waiting staff carry round platters, people will want to hold one or two items of food while they stand and talk.

Stick to savoury

Save the sweet treats for after dinner. When people arrive at your reception venue, it's best to just give them a few savoury things to nibble on. This will tide them over until dinner without spoiling appetites the way sweet foods can.