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3 reasons to opt for organic or wild seafood

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If you run a catering service or restaurant it can be hard to justify the higher price of premium seafood but it can be a great choice to set your venue apart from competitors. Here are some great reasons to pay for an organic or wild seafood product. 

Lack of bioaccumulation

Seafood bioaccumulates—gradually builds up chemicals--contamination in the water. Any water contamination is initially absorbed by plants that use the water and light to grow. They absorb the contaminants along with the nutrients that they need from the water and soil. The contaminated plants are then eaten by small fish and marine animals, which are then, in turn, eaten by larger marine life. These larger marine animals consume many times their body weight in food as they grow and accumulate contaminants with each contaminated meal. By only buying food which has been fed organic foods, or raised in a wild and non-contaminated environment, the food will have less toxins, making them a great option for food providers looking to present a premium product to health conscious clients.

Superior taste

Many consumers feel that farmed seafood has a less interesting taste as the seafood tends to be fed the same food each day, year-round, in a careful and measured way. This can improve the chance of a steady weight gain which is the goal for farmers, but this can give a blander taste to the meat as the fish are not exposed to the same variation in food sources as wild animals. Many chefs find that the superior taste of wild seafood can be a great selling point for their recipes. 

Ecological credentials

With a growing focus on environmental and ecological principles, many customers are willing to pay more for a seafood product that has been raised in a way that is less damaging to the environment. Often a large part of a restaurant's price is their 'brand', and an organic or wild-farmed seafood product with an interesting story around how they have been raised and harvested can be a great addition to the story and brand of a restaurant, especially when this aligns with the restaurant's ecological principles. 

If you are looking to give your customers premium seafood it can be worth looking for a local seafood supplier that you think can fit your needs. This seafood can help you to attract customers who will pay more for your unique and healthy seafood-based menu items.